O-1 visa Agent service

Under current USCIS regulations, there are several possible types of agents for the O-1 petitioning process. A U.S. agent and/or manager may be (i) the actual employer of the O-1 beneficiary, (ii) the representative of both the O-1 employer and the O-1 beneficiary or (iii) a person or entity authorized by the employer to act for, or in place of, the employer as its agent to file the O-1 visa petition.

Your O-1 visa agent will be the legal link between you and your employer(s), and they will be held responsible for you in regard to Immigration Law. Consequently, your O-1 visa agent must have the good faith intent of working with you according to the terms of your contract.

A petition involving multiple employers may be filed by a person or company in business as an agent if: (1) the supporting documentation includes a complete itinerary of the events; (2) the itinerary specifies the dates of each service or engagement, the names and addresses of the actual employers, and the names and addresses of performance venues; (3) the contracts between each employer and the beneficiary; and (4) the agent explains the terms and conditions of the employment and provides any required documentation.

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The most ambitious tech projects, the biggest career opportunities, and the highest salaries are all offered in the United States. However, obtaining a U.S. work permit may be super challenging. Most of the visas either take very long to get, are given through a lottery with terrible chances, or restrict your working freedom. That’s why we offer you help with your O1 visa.
There are many ways to prepare for O1 but only oCitizens is truly interested in your success, because we don’t make any money until you start getting paid. That’s why we do not just help you with O1 but also assist with your job search, prepare you for your job interview, and help you negotiate the juiciest offer. To make sure you succeed in your job search we strive to reduce your relocation stress by assisting in all accommodation needs.

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If you do not fit all the requirements yet, we are still happy to give you some recommendations about future steps.

Your income level depends on your specialization, experience, technical interview preparedness, negotiation skills, and even luck.

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Most employers undertake the preparation of documents for the Green card for their employees. All you need to do is to find out about such an opportunity during the interview and successfully pass the interview to the company.

There are pros to the O1 visa in comparison with H1b and L1:
– No quota.
Only 21% of applicants got H1b in 2019 because of its quota.
– No education requirements.
To qualify for H1b you need specialized education + 3 years of experience in the field or 12 years of experience.
– No restrictions to change the employer in the USA.
The L1 visa is not transferable between employers. That means you need to work for the same employer during the entire L1 period even if the project is boring and you’re paid much lower than the market.
– No specific dates to apply or enter the USA
In contrast, the H1b lottery happens only once a year in April. So, if you didn’t win this year, you have to wait another year.
– No need to wait for an employer’s decision.

The only downside of O1 is that people don’t believe they can qualify for its criteria. oCitizens helps you find the right way to become a good fit for an O1 visa.

The better English is, the better chances are. However, you still have time to improve your English while we are working on your visa!